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Sockets & Gems Craft

Where do i find the socket scroll?

  • You must first obtain a socket scroll, they range from +1 to +5 sockets, by completing Treasure Maps, Sos and Bulk Order Deed.

Where do i find the Gem Hammer?

  • Search in the tinker shop at Britain City, you will find a stone where you can buy the hammer.

The Custom Socket System allows you to add custom attributes to a weapon, armor or jewelry. You can add up to 5 sockets/slots on one item, but there are risks every time you try to add an additional socket.

  • There is a display of all the augments at Extinctions Grand Market
  • You must gain a minimum 110 blacksmith and 100 Item ID skill and then obtain augments/socket jewels/skulls/runes by defeating high end monsters. These augments are random and drop in the monster's loot packs
  • You can select many items to socket, such as armor, weapons, and jewelry. Please limit to these items only. In general you cannot socket clothing, there are a few exceptions where a piece of clothing was specifically scripted to act like armor.
  • Sockets are permanent and cannot be removed! Make sure you research before adding.
  • There is a max of 5 skills on any item (do not oversocket, if you add over 5 on an item they will not work and it is permanent)
  • You can then add the augments to the socketed item with the skill Item ID


  • You will NOT be reimbursed for any losses or mistakes, no matter the item!
  • Once you add a socket it is permanent, so make sure you choose wisely!

Crafting Table

Woods Craft Material Property Socket Requests
Mythic Wood Raw Mythic Crust +40 Lumberjacking 3 Slot
Legendary Wood Raw Legendary Crust +25 Lumberjacking 2 Slot
Ancient Wood Raw Ancient Crust +10 Lumberjacking 1 Slot