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Shard Advertising

Voting Daily Voting daily is very important to keep us at the top of all the shard toplist sites. Make sure you take the time to vote and complete each captcha carefully. See the voting section of the wiki for more info about rewards and websites.

Twitch TV Sign up for Twitch.TV and let people watch you play UO Extinction on a live video stream!

We will be using this to stream live events, pvp battles and tutorials. When you make the acct, be sure to put in key words like ultima online and uo Extinction along with our website link so players can find our shard!

Steam Advertise to your friends what game you are playing!

By adding UOE to your steam game list you friends can see that you are playing Ultima and join you playing here

How to add UOE to Steam 1. Open Steam 2. From the top menu, select games and add Non-Steam game to my library 3. Find your shortcut for razor C:\program files\razor\razor.exe or C:\program files x86\razor\razor.exe for razor C:\program files\Ultima Online\client_noenc.exe or C:\program files x86\Ultima Online\client_noenc.exe for Ultima without razor. 4. Find the game in your game list and right click on it. Change the name of the game in the list to Ultima Online UO Extinction 5. Right click on the newly added game and choose create desktop shortcut. 6. Now your friends will be able to see when you are playing UOE, like any other steam game

You Tube How Can You Tube Bring Players to UO Extinction?

Millions of people watch video's online. When they watch any video about Ultima Online, it would be nice for them to see a blurb, comment or link about UO Extinction.

What can I do to help? Record a video or two using Razor or any video capture package and upload it to You Tube. Some of our more talented players can also use the footage to create advertising videos for the shard.

Create a guide for the best ways to record and post videos about UO Extinction. Optionally simply take the time to post a few comments on related videos about your experiences on UO Extinction and why UO lovers should give UO Extinction a chance.

Note: This requires a gmail account, which most everyone has.

Should you upload a video about UO Extinction to You Tube or start a comment discussion on a related video post a link here so we can include it in this post. Ask guild members and other UO Extinction players to support your post with comments and votes to keep it relevant.

How can I get started? Simply make an account on youtube. This requires a Gmail account which most everyone has.

Video Editing Skills? Get with the staff if you are interested in donating some video editing/compilation skills. Any Help in this area is greatly appreciated and will be rewarded with in-game Extinction Dollars

Gaming Websites & Blogs Post the info we have provided in our advertising banner on your favorite websites, forums, blogs, Facebook or any other public areas on the internet.