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By registering an account on Extinction, you acknowledge that you have read and accepted the present regulations. Its contents could be modified over time, so you are invited to reread it from time to time, even to refresh your memory. Compliance with this regulation is important to ensure a better game for you players and staff.

Some rules if broken, provide a warning from the staff before the penalty. The next time if you relapse, the penalty will be triggered without further warning.

  1. Racist and political slogans, blasphemies, abbreviations of blasphemies, insults, bad words and excessive foul language, threats and offenses that escape the sphere of the GDR and of common decency are forbidden. Anyone who has to report offensive behavior towards themselves can make pages on the forum and provide a screenshot of the journal that he can use to substantiate his accusation. Inappropriate renamed animals, messages written in public chat, contents of private messages, etc. are also considered offenses (the rule is also applied for facts related to the various forums regarding the game as well as the game itself, at the discretion of the staff). The names of the characters that will contain references to obscene acts, sexual organs and everything that the staff will consider of doubtful taste are also considered offensive (and therefore forbidden). Penalty: 7 days of Jail
  2. It is forbidden to make use of any bugs. By bugs we mean any activity that forces the server to act in an "unconventional" way, to use programs that are not allowed, etc. It is the GMs who decide what is and what is not 'bug, and any player with a minimum of intelligence can guess what is or is not a bug. If you have doubts about it, contact the staff. Penalty: from a minimum of 7 days of Jail up and resetting the skill (if associated). In the most serious cases the account ban is provided.
  3. It is forbidden to perform actions "spam". Spam means any action taken to make the pg too fast, especially during training. To avoid spam it is necessary to respect the minimum delay set in 2000 ms, ie 2 seconds. Delay refers to the pause time that must pass between any one action and the next. The use of "macro-spamming" is absolutely forbidden. Note: remember that "macrare" does not mean leaving the PG to do something and go away. Quite the contrary. Macrare means making the PC perform any action resulting from the pressure of one or more specially set keys, even while standing in front of the monitor. In addition there is a difference between the actions performed by the PG in the normal gameplay (spells, etc.) and the actions performed by the PG consciously. Therefore, unnecessary and free spam is strictly prohibited. Clarification of the above: it is clear that the use of "words" in macro is prohibited, such as "guards", "asd," et similia. Penalty: 3 or more days of Jail or disconnection of the pg or tag [LEGATO] (at the discretion of the Staff). In case of illegal program 14 days of Jail up to Ban. [WARNING]
  4. It is forbidden to keep pg ghost used in a way that is clearly incorrect (eg leave them as spies at the home of other characters or in the guilds' homes, left to see when a monster repels, etc.). It is also forbidden to leave the live body guarding the spawn of bosses or quests. Penalty: from 3 to 7 days of Jail at the discretion of the Staff
  5. It is forbidden to cause damage in any way (spells, arrows or other) from inside a building (houses, guilds, citadels, etc.) outside and vice versa (the entrance stairs of the houses are not considered). It is forbidden to build the entrance of the healers and the Ankh of Ress, it is also forbidden to prevent access to the Magic Portals of the world. It is forbidden to kill the healers in order to prevent the ress from a ghost. Penalty: 7 days of Jail
  6. It is forbidden to interfere in the quests in a manner that does not conform to the quests, using an inappropriate language for ex. (ao you are a gm ?, but that there is na quest? me from the colored zos?) or asking questions of another kind. It is strictly forbidden to make PVP in the following cases: 1) During weddings and related banquets 2) On all other occasions (quests, competitions, tournaments, etc.) but ONLY when and ONLY if EXPRESSLY announced by the staff (in in game OR announcement on the forum OR in-game cartels "FORBIDDEN PVP"). If there is a quest in progress it is advisable not to do pvp unless the quest itself prohibits it through the announcement of a GM (remember that no one has the tag "I'm fearing a quest, do not attack me, I'm invulnerable"). Please do not disturb Game Masters' work for minor matters. Penalty: 3 to 7 days of Jail at the discretion of the Staff [WARNING]
  7. Each page must be self-explanatory, complete and clear. The exhortation pages, following the first, then page of the genre 'arrive ??', 'but are you there?', 'Come by!', Or exhortations to the GM to deal with your case, will be ignored and directly deleted. The pages are dealt with by GMs based on serious and weighted priority assessments, exhortations are only a waste of time for GMs and damage to the player, and if persistent and relapses will be punished. The GMs are not your slaves, therefore the civil and polite form of dialogue is appreciated. Consequently, civilized and educated pages (for example: "I should get out of jail, thanks") have certainly precedence on uncivilized or irritating pages (for example: "Fateme uscì de jail, sbrigateve"). Furthermore, excessive rudeness can lead to the direct cancellation of the page itself. The page to exit jails done in advance are directly deleted (eg: if a pg comes out of jail on 22/05 and makes page 21/05). We have never anticipated any release and we will never do it, even at 11:59 pm on the day before the release. We do not change names except cases of homonymy or other specific cases. For any complaints regarding the work of the staff directly contact the shard's admin via pm or via email. Penalty: from 3 to 7 days of Jail at the discretion of the Staff
  8. It is forbidden to sell, give away, buy, lend even for a very short time or buy an account. Do not give anyone, not even a member of staff, information about your account or password. (NOTE: should you suffer an account theft, and if it results from our IP checks that you have given your password to just one other player, the staff reserves the right not to investigate and not to proceed with any compensation, as you are solely responsible for your account, keep it in mind, and even the most trusted friend, we know from experience, can lead to such situations). It is possible to have an account in person, which corresponds to a deposit on the forum. Anyone found to be in possession of multiple accounts will receive a jail of the principal account and the multiples ban. Penalty: 14 days of Jail for the main account and Ban of multiple accounts
  9. It is forbidden to macrate using NPCs (monsters, vendors or animals) illegally, or by preventing the aforementioned persons from physically touching (spells are not covered) the macrator. Classic example of illegal macro is Provocation towards an animal enclosed in a fence structure (present in nature or created by the player), which can not physically touch the macrant player. Penalty: 7 days of Jail with skill reset used with the bug [WARNING]
  10. Animals with inappropriate names (insults, provocations, names clearly anti gdr) will be deleted. In case of insult (see rule N ° 1) or in case of recidivism, Jail will be provided. Penalty: cancellation of the animal or 7 days of Jail in case of insult or recidivism.
  11. Those who are allowed to use multiple accounts as brothers or relatives CAN NOT use the characters to interact macrando, ie they can not squeeze together, train skills such as Snooping on each other, they can not make coils and cloth together, etc., etc. , etc. Penalty: 7 days of jail for both characters, up to the ban of accounts in case of recidivism [WARNING]
  12. It is forbidden in any way to block a pg in your home / guild house in order to request a staff intervention for an unlock (not even out of ghost). Pitfalls are legal only if there is a way out. Pena: 3 days of Jail to the owner of the house, alternatively a co-owner, or a friend, to climb. The staff reserves the right to cancel / modify these game blocks / mechanics
  13. It is not allowed, in any way, to macrare away resources, gold, objects and experience. We mean everything that can make a profit to the player. It is the exception for the skills and the stats that can also be done away. Penalty: 3 or more days of Jail or disconnection of the pg or tag [LEGATO] or lowering of the skill in question at the discretion of the Staff. In case of Jail's illegal 14-day program up to Ban [WARNING]
  14. Offensive behavior towards the staff is condemned: in its integrity or towards a single member. It is extremely damaging to be damaging behaviors intent on discrediting the image of the shard, its gameplay and that discredit the contribution and work of the staff. In case of direct problems with a single staff member, the user must report it exclusively to a senior administrator. Negative advertising, provocative messages, unnecessary non-constructive criticism, will be considered as direct insults to the staff. Actions externally organized (forum, social networks and all sources outside the game), will find the same applications of the measures against the players involved. Instead, proposals are welcome and accepted, included in the homonymous forum, intent on improving constructively the gameplay, encouraging confrontation and peaceful participation in general. Penalty: 3 or more days of Jail at the discretion of the staff. In addition, always at the discretion of the staff or in case of reciditiveness, 3.0 points will be subtracted to each skill of each PG associated with the sentenced account, or the permanent deletion of the account or the blackout of the UO Extinction forum to the user
  15. 60 days after the last login, an account will be considered inactive. Extinction staff does not guarantee the retention of data for accounts in this state. The game elements collected over time can be eliminated and modified in order to facilitate the reallocation of resources. In particular, map buildings and houses can be eliminated and their contents may be sold at auction at the discretion of the Staff. The staff clarifies that all the members involved do not have and will not have any gaming account. Each member is carefully selected and will be totally biased towards the contests of the players and will strictly apply every point of this regulation. Penalty: 3 or more days of Jail at the discretion of the staff. In case of reciditiveness, account ban.
  16. It is absolutely forbidden spam, advertising of commercial products not related to the game, and the advertising of other shard with the intent to migrate the players of UO Extinction elsewhere. Those who report this abuse by providing screenshots and testimonials, will receive a reward of 100k and 5.0 points skills to be distributed as desired. Penalty: Ban or direct deletion of the account at the discretion of the staff.