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Luck Guide

All players have a rating called "luck" that can be modified by items that have "luck" as a property. Luck affects the loot you can find on monsters (that you kill) in three different ways:

  • Luck can affect the number of magic items the monster drops. The higher your luck, the more likely the monster will drop an additional magic item. However, it will not increase the number of magic items beyond what the creature's template allows. For example, if a Troll's template says it can drop between 1-2 magic items, having a high amount of luck may allow 2 magic items to appear in the Troll’s loot, but high luck will not make it drop 3.
  • Luck can affect the number of properties on each magic item. The higher your luck, the more properties each object can have (up to the maximum number of properties each item allows).
  • Luck can affect the intensities of the properties on each magic item. The higher your luck, the higher each property might be raised in intensity. However, it will not increase a property beyond the maximum intensity that the template allows.

The higher your luck, the more bonuses you can get. An extremely lucky person might find all 3 bonus groups applied to the loot drop from a monster he or she kills.

Does luck affect the crafting system?

Yes, the luck is important to increase the probabilities that you will craft a better weapon or armor.

Does luck affect the treasure chest system of drops?

No, the treasure chest system is designed with an internal chance of drop of items that you can discover [here].

How is luck determined when hunting in groups?

The effect that luck has on the magic items a monster drops is determined by the luck of the person that deals the most damage to that monster (the "top attacker".) So, if you're hunting with a group of people, it would be wise to have the person that has the highest amount of the luck do the most damage to any creatures you kill. Does anything other than item properties affect your luck value? Yes - The Bushido skill "Perfection" is added to your luck stat for the purposes of determining the loot of the monster that you achieved perfection on. (It's not a time-based buff or anything, it's just a one-shot.) The actual amount of luck is the perfection bonus squared, divided by ten - so, if you have achieved max perfection, you'll get a bonus of 1000 luck added to your base luck for the loot rolls on that critter.

How do I find out what my luck value is?

In the 2D client: Drag off your stat bar and double-click it to open your character sheet. Your luck is indicated by the number next to the green four-leaf clover symbol.

Is there a cap on luck?

Initially each weapon and armor have a cap of 200 luck but your luck is limited only by the items you can find and the skills/luck that you can add.

Cosider that you can increase the cap of the luck value of an item until to 500 using luck deeds.

List of UO Extinction luck deed buyable

Luck Deed +5

Luck Deed +10

Luck Deed +25

Luck Deed +50

Luck Deed +100

Luck Deed +200

Luck Deed +300

Luck Deed +400

Luck Deed +500