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How To Setup Your Loot Bag

Q: How do I set a loot bag?

A: The command is [claim -t

After you type the command, target your bag and X out anything you DON'T want. Players usually turn off armor , weapons and jewelry. Then add the items/artifacts that you specifically want to get.

Usage is:

[claim for single targets, [claim -c to skin it as well, OR [grab which loots everything close to you. WARNING: what is NOT on your loot bag list will get deleted out of your loot bag.

Loot Bag Set Up/Commands

Type [grab -t - target lootbag

Use the lootbag gump that appears to remove/add any items you would like your character to loot. Please bear in mind that if you leave the default items on your bag you will loot ALL Armor and Jewelry-which can quickly overload your character.

[Grab or [gr Claims all loot which you have previously set up off corpses in an area