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Join our channel on Teamspeak

If you want to chat in real time with other players on the shard, download the app "Teamspeak" by clicking on the following link >> DOWNLOAD TEAMSPEAK <<

To join our channel, open the app teamspeak, create an account, and insert the following server address in the app:

Connect team speak uo extinction channel.fw.png

Here's the list of vocal channels:

Lobby: (the default main channel)

Britain Plaza

  • Portuguese tavern (Nesse canal você pode livremente falar em português)
  • Italian Tavern (Canale dedicato ai giocatori di lingua italiana)
  • English Tavern (Here you can freely talk in english)
  • Spanish Tavern (Canal hecho especialmente para hispanohablantes)

Event and Games (this channel can be useful during staff hosted events)

Away from keyboard (if you plan to be away from the keyboard, it's advisable to switch to this channel)

Guild Channels (here is where all the guild channels will be located)

Staff Offices (channel dedicated to have a direct contact with the staff members):

Lucifer Office


Creative Mode