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What is the Illusion Master?

The Illusion Master is in Brit (Trammel) where you can find an exclusive custom object, the Illusion Pillar, used by UO Extinction's players to change the shape of items!

To do this, you need to take 2 items, the one with the shape as it was before and the one with the shape as it will be later.

Place these 2 items in the Illusion Master and then click on the "Apply" button.

For example you can pay a sum of gold to change the shape of a wooden shield to a metal buckler, or a sword to a warhammer and so on!

The item with the old shape will be destroyed and the item with the new shape will be yours!

You can save the first item with the old shape paying more gold, choosing the "Advanced" radio button (instead of the "Normal" radio button) before to click the "Apply" button.

The master illusion illusion pillar custom uo extinction 001.fw.png

Where can be found the Illusion Master?

You can find it at north of Brit, where is the mages shop of the city. You can also find it in all the public moongates of Sosaria under the Craft Shops category.

The master illusion custom uo extinction 001.fw.png