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Owner and Co-Owner:

  • Lucifer (Owner/Developer)
  • Venus (Co-Owner/Builder/Quester)


  • Athena (Builder)


  • Anubis (Game Developer/Quester)
  • Maximus (Game Developer/Builder)


  • Empty

Game Master

  • Empty


  • Caladrel (Helper/Quester)


  • Lucifer

Wiki Contributions:

  • Lucifer
  • Belgarath

Player Positions:

  • Empty

Scripting Contributions:

  • Lokai
  • Vospire
  • Tresdni
  • Bardoz
  • Mardok
  • Daat99
  • Xanthos

Requirements to become a Staff Member
Staff positions will be announced if there is an opening. Please do not ask in-game to be a staff member. Send a private message [pm to Lucifer with a list of qualifications to be considered.

Minimum requirements:

  • 21+ and Must be mature.
  • Must read and know the wiki.
  • 1+ years game experience required/more is preferred.
  • 1 months of gameplay on UOExtinction.
  • 1 month on UOExtinction as a councelor to assess maturity, gametime, helpfulness and personality.
  • Demonstrate Leadership abilities.
  • Actively help new players get started, tours, group hunting, plan player run events.
  • Must be able to follow directions.
  • Previous GM experience is preferred.
  • Scripting knowledge is a plus.
  • Must download Discord and have a microphone to communicate with staff members.
  • Must be available 20+ hours a week.