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Events & Games

Extinction Event Calendar

  • Check here for a current calendar of UO Extinction Events & Games.

Extinction Daily Events
UOExt has several automated events daily:

  • Town Invasions - Random timer, watch for the town crier to announce which city is being invaded.

The UO Extinction staff run events every day. Watch the chat announcements for details.

Grand Auctions
Every month on the first Sunday at Noon PST, the staff hosts a Grand Auction. Many highly sought items can be obtained for a quite a great deal, such as rares, donation items and deco for Gold, Reward Dollars and Extinction Dollars.
Auction rules:

  • No talking during the auction, unless bidding
  • Make sure you bid in reasonable increments, please don't bit small amounts at a time
  • No guild chat, it disrupts the auction journal
  • Turn off auto looters and grab bags
  • No casting spells, no macros or any disruptive behavior
  • When paying the auctioneer, make a check in your pack and let us remove it and drop the item to your pack to avoid a trade crash

House Drops (IDOC) House Drops are done every 6 months to clear out housing space for new players. The old term was "IDOC" which means a house is "in danger of collapsing." Players that have not logged into the shard for 6 months or more, the abandoned house may be "dropped" and all your items inside the house will fall to the ground and picked up by any player.

This is a very exciting event and players can find many treasured items during the house drops.

NOTE: A good strategy is to scout out houses likely to fall in the future and create rune books to all the potential locations!

Additional Event Rules: This is a large event. Please follow the normal event rules along with the following:

DO NOT place new houses on top of the event DO NOT complain, whine or cry in public that you did not find any FREE loot! If you are uncooperative, disruptive or break any rule you will be jailed for the event Fishing Tournament Fishing Tournament Event - The fishing tournament has begun. Catch the largest fish within the time limit and win prizes, along with bragging rights! The more players that participate, the better the prize! Turn in you fish to the NPC on the docks at Buc Den, good luck fishing! Triple Champion Spawns The staff runs a special Triple Champion Spawn Event where 3 random spawns are triggered at the same time! This event is for advanced players only. There is no PKing at events but watch out for area effect weapons and spells, as you could become a criminal and suffer an unfortunate accident.

Champion Spawn Marathons UO Evolution runs special champion spawn marathon events, usually during holidays. This event is run several different ways:

All the champ spawns on the entire shard are triggered at the same time Single champion spawns are run back-to-back in an arena Or every champion spawn is triggered one-by-one from easiest to hardest in an arena Bomberman Bomberman Game Instructions:

Double click the Bomberman Game Stone to Create or Join a game. You can set the number of players and board style. Players wanting to participate must double click the Game Stone to Join the game and hit Ready to Start. Players will be randomly tossed into the game board. A bright orange Bomb Bag will appear in your inventory. Double click it to Drop a Bomb where you are standing. Blow up the walls to progress but be careful to not blow yourself up! Explosions blow up in an Intersecting Pattern, similar to a + sign in all directions (see picture below) Last player to survive wins the match! Special Items can be picked up to gain an advantage such as:

Explosion Damage - Increases the blast radius of your bombs Speed Boots - Increases the player's speed tremendously Detonator - You place your bomb, then you choose when to explode it. Just double click the Detonator and it will set off the Bombs you have placed. The Detonator can set off 1 Bomb at a time or you can place more than 1 Bomb at a time and set each one off, one at a time. Hunger Games Rules: 1) No Stealthing/Hiding. 2) No Leaving the boundaries of the playing field. 3) No Teaming up. (Your partner is your ONLY teammate) 4) No accessing your bank at ANY time during participation. 5) No using guild chat at ANY time during participation. 6) No using vampiric form or shape shifting of any kind. Information: The Hunger Games is held in the Lost Lands of Felucca, in the area known as Terra Sanctum. Special Crates will randomly spawn that contain valuable items in them throughout the event area. Loot and use what's inside before another team does to gain an advantage. There are also various crafting stations throughout to help forge new weapons, armor and other tools. You can read more tips on the forums.

Red - Contains medical supplies: Bandages, healing potions, cloth, scissors and various medical based items. Brown - Contains resource harvesting supplies: Mining picks, shovels, forges, skinning knives, axes and various other items for resource gathering and harvesting. Orange - Contains spell casting supplies: magery/necro scrolls, reagents, spell books and various other spell casting based items. Black - Contains dexxer supplies: swords, shields, spears, axes, daggers and various other dexxer based items. Green - Contains completely random supplies: anything from any other color crate and some items that are not part of the drop tables listed in this post. Object of the Game: The UO Evolution Hunger games is a last team standing game that requires skills in various areas including: PvP, Crafting, Taming and Stealing. The strategy is completely up the players. The only objective is to survive until the end. The last team standing will claim the rewards, Nothing else matters.

General Gameplay: Players will be divided into teams of two (2) and spread out in the starting area. Each team will receive colored robes to determine their initial starting team. These robes may be removed if you wish upon the event starting. Each team will also be placed in their own Teamspeak channel for strategizing for one minute (60 seconds).

Once the event is started (signaled by the referee by saying "GO" in-game chat) teams will break off into whatever direction they choose. Players will seek out supply crates and begin carrying out whatever strategy they decide upon. Players are welcome to kill each other, loot, steal, run, tame, hunt or do whatever they feel needed to survive (as long as they are adhering to the game rules).

Last team standing wins.

Trivia Contest Domino hosts a monthly trivia contest in the [trivia channel.

Log in and make sure you have subscribed to the trivia channel and then answer her questions for prizes!

Naked and Afraid PvM Challenge In this event you are naked in an arena and you have to fight off monsters and collect the resources off the bodies to gear up for the next series of battles.

Each wave of monsters gets harder and more challenging. The player that survives the longest wins the challenge

Naked Fistfights PvP In this event you are naked in an arena along with other players. You can only use your fists to attack with. No spells or healing allowed! You have to fight off the attackers and survive! Last man (or woman) standing wins

Game of Thrones Game of Thrones instructions

I have set up a game for all the guilds to participate in, its meant to set up friendly rivalries and engage in a bit of roleplay/pvp

Each guild leader has a custom "Gold Crown, King of XYZ" that is cursed. The guild leader must carry the crown on them at all times. If the leader is killed, the crown can be looted as the prize and must be delivered to the killer's guild leader to carry on their character. The crowns must be in the top layer of your pack at all times, not in the bank or in a blessed bag!

If you have more than one crown, you must carry them all on you. If you get killed you can lose all the crowns. If you set up a mutual challenge you may fight for one crown at a time.

I want to encourage the use of the [challenge command and the PVP Challenge System, and duel for crowns...or battle it out with some of the fun games. Even a simple game of chess or a round of Texas Hold'em could be fun!

At the end of the month, I would like the players with any looted crowns to allow a single challenge from the original crown guild leader to have a chance to win the crown back. The game can be anything the crown holder wishes. We can set this up in a fair, neutral place with a staff member present. At the end of the challenge, if a player still retains an extra crown, the player will win the monthly prize and the trophy. I will then return all crowns to their original owners and the game resets for the next month.

Be creative and have fun with this scenario. There will be a trophy each month and a gift to the guild who controls the most crowns on the last day of each month month

Defend your guild leader and your crown, your honor is at stake!

Always remember these key points:

1. No PvP at Staff Events EVER 2. No Cussing EVER 3. No Griefing EVER 4. If you cheat you lose your crown to the person you cheated / pk 5. You must have your crown on you character at all times! 6. This is supposed to be fun for all, and create a friendly rivalry type of atmosphere not generate real negativity across the mature, this is just a game and meant to be enjoyed When you have possession of an opposing guild's crown, please make sure there is a reasonable opportunity to let them have a chance at getting it back...duel, gold ransom, trade, chess match, public display of remorse etc...again role play this and make it fun!

Remember you can only be PKed in Felucca, but can be challenged to a duel anywhere...your honor is at stake as a guild leader!

How you resolve these conflicts will demonstrate to your followers, what kind of leader you are...will they view you as a Mighty Dragon or a skittering hopper?

Battle Chess Traditional chess played on a large board with your choice of unique chess pieces

Battle Board This is a giant game board, roll the dice and walk on the colored board and follow the directions, fun for all to participate

Hide and Seek Find the Game Master's Location from a series of hints and win a prize

Lost and Found There are a few variations of this event

Lost and Found Event - The "Hunt for the Salty Dog's Lost Cannon" event has begun! Follow the arrows to locate the cannon and get a special pirate reward!

Make sure you travel to the correct facet and follow the on-screen arrows to locate the object. The first player to find the item, wins a prize

Scavenger Hunt Find a list of objects and return them to the Game Master the fastest

Jousting Tournament UOE hosts a Jousting Tournament every Summer

Casino Games We have many different slot machines, Blackjack and Hi Lo that drop a variety of rare gifts, located in the center of Nu'Jelm

Safari Event Each time you see the staff message call a Safari event, it means that the rare pet tamables have been reset and are currently spawned. Immediately start searching the world for the special animal and tame it!

Role Play Events There are many custom roleplay events run by staff and by players. See the Roleplaying section of the wiki for details.

Crafter Challenge Follow the directions of staff and craft the required items in the time limit

Pet Wars Each month, players fight their pet vs pet battles in an arena for prizes and glory!

Watch the calendar for event announcements

Weekly PVP Event Each week players gather at RED CITY and run a PVP tournament. This is a safe event for the participants and spectators.

Currently players meet at 7pm shard time, every Friday

Learn how the top PVP players fight and watch the action!

make macros training techniques check out gear pvp secrets? learn tips Staff Run Event The UO Evolution staff plans events for each holiday and runs random events daily. Check the calendar daily for event updates

We usually run:

2 random town invasion events daily 2 Champion Spawns, around noon and 7pm shard time 1 Staff prime time event daily (5-7pm) Fishing Tournament Player Run Events We do allow and encourage players to run events. Many players plan a weekly event and others just run a one time event. Here are a few successful examples of player run events:

Scavenger hunt Chess Tournament Pet Wars Boat race, horse race, marathon etc Hide N Seek Trivia Contest Player Auction PvP type of events Make sure you pick an open date and time that does not conflict with Holidays or staff events

PM Dante with detailed event info, rules, prizes, time, date and if you will need any staff assistance during the event. We will also add it to the calendar and help promote if you contact us in advance