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Donations - Manually

UO ExtinctionShard is a MMORPG game, directed by it's staff, supported by it's players and funded by it's donators. All donations will be used to pay server costs, update the content and upgrade the hardware.

Legal Notice: Donations are considered gifts to the shard and are not for any tangible items or merchandise. When you are donating to the shard you are giving money to support a hobby gaming site, not purchasing anything of value.

Extinction Dollars

Extinction Dollars (EXD) is a virtual type of currency you receive when you donate as a token of our appreciation and shard support. EXD can also be obtained in-game by participating in select staff run events, auctions, voting, purchasing from players and in special monster loot.

Extinction Dollars have no real monetary value and are used in game for accounting purposes.

Currency Exchange:

  • Base Exchange: 1.00 $ = 10 EXD
  • Happy Hour x2: 1.00 $ = 20 EXD
  • Happy Hour x3: 1.00 $ = 30 EXD

* Extinction Dollars can be redeemed in game at the white vendor stones located at Britain Banks and Donation Room.

  • Make sure when you donate you send us your character name AND account name so we can identify you.
  • Extinction Dollars/Donations are non-refundable and have no cash value.
  • Happy Hour events are communicated directly on the forum or in game, usually the duration is 1 hour, all donations made during this period will have the Currency Currency modified according to the table. The promotion can not be combined with other packages.

Payment Options:

  • PayPal (not available)
  • Skrill (not available)
  • Payza (not available)
  • Bitcoin (not available)
  • Credit Card (not available)
  • PostePay (only for Italian)
  • Bank Transfer (ask the staff for the coordinates)
  • Amazon Gift Card (ask the staff for the delivery)
  • Pay Safe Card (ask the staff for the delivery)

Service and Option:

February Donation Package:

  • Donations over 10.00 $ will get a 100EXD (+0%) and FREE Donation Box Liv. 1
  • Donations over 25.00 $ will get a 260EXD (+5%) and FREE Donation Box Liv. 2
  • Donations over 50.00 $ will get a 550EXD (+10%) and FREE Donation Box Liv. 3
  • Donations over 75.00 $ will get a 860EXD (+15%) and FREE Donation Box Liv. 4
  • Donations over 100.00 $ will get a 1200EXD (+20%) and FREE Donation Box Liv. 5