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UPDATE 1 - 6 January 2019

  • PlayerMobile Updated: display country under name.
  • PlayerMobile Updated: XML custom titles under name.
  • PlayerMobile Updated: staff titles under name.
  • Command Updated: added [Statistics command to see shard statistics.
  • Venus's Deco Added: 1 new item for Valentines day.
  • Lockpick Trainer Updated: skill up to 120.
  • Extinction Bank Updated: added commands to open bank.
  • Extinction Dollar Updated: optimized the script code.
  • Custom Stone Vendor Fixed: now it works correctly.

UPDATE 2 - 7 January 2019

  • Gargoyle: new algorithm fot the gargoyle crafter tools.
  • Extinction Coin: fixed graphic.
  • Reward Stone: added new stone for crafter in the Britain city shop.

UPDATE 3 - 9 January 2019

  • Imbuing: è stato disabilitato il drop dei reagenti.
  • Banca: è stato abilitato il nuovo sistema dell'espansione Time Of Legend.
  • Gold Ledger: servirà solo alla raccolta dei gold veloce, tutti i soldi dovranno essere depositati in banca per essere utilizzati.
  • Gargoyle Axe: diminuita la probabilità di uscita degli elementari.
  • Powerscroll: aggiunte PS lavorative nei champ.

UPDATE 4 - 13 January 2019

  • Runic Hammer: sistemata l'uscita delle proprietà.
  • Paragon: aumentata la possibilità di drop 2%.

UPDATE 5 - 14 January 2019

  • Mythic Paragon Scroll: modificati e aggiunto nuovi premi.
  • Paragon: aumentata la possibilità di drop del 5%.
  • Extinction Stable Leash: nuovo item everlasting per utilizzare l'animal trainer da distanza.
  • Puzzle Chest: aggiunti nuovi premi nelle casse ed implementato il sistema di livello, è possibile trovare due tipologie di casse, verdi e rosse.
  • Treasure Map: modificate le % di drop e oggetti presenti al loro interno.
  • T-Maps Liv. 7: inseriti nuovi premi.
  • T-Mpas Liv. 5/6: inseriti nuovi premi.

UPDATE 6 - 19 January 2019

  • Powerscroll: mysticism PS added to champ drop.
  • Paragon: incraese paragon chest drop by +30%.
  • Paragon: decraese paragon HitBuff by -20%.
  • Paragon: incraese paragon damage by +20%.
  • Paragon: recalculated scroll drop rate, need test.
  • Puzzle Chest: recalculated items drop rate.
  • Puzzle Chest: changed chest color.

UPDATE 7 - 22 January 2019

  • Weapon Level Attributes: changed some cost values.
  • Tamable Animal: decreased the experience necessary for the next level.
  • Fire Ant: eliminated the acid that caused damage to weapons and armor.
  • Gold Pan: increases the skill needed to build the object.
  • Paragon Chest: added new drop inside the chest.
  • Battleboard Game: added new game map.
  • Battleboard Game: added new reward scroll.
  • Magi Quest: added quester, boss and drop.
  • Pet Sex Change Deed: added deed, need test.
  • Base Creature: changed the pet loyalty, now not go down anymore.
  • Base Champion: added new customs and rare drop.
  • Arcane Circle Spell: incraese duration by 25%.
  • Wildfire Spell: incraese duration effect by 60%.
  • Treasure Map Chest: added new level drop and updates old rates.

UPDATE 8 - 25 January 2019

  • Magi Dragon: incraese drop rate from 5% to 55%.
  • Magi Elemental: incraese drop rate from 5% to 55%.
  • Treasure Map Chest: Fixed loot, they caused crashes.
  • Paragon Chest: incraese drop rate from 5% to 10%.
  • Egyptain Temple: released the new dungeon, will be available in the next days.
  • Legendary Tamer HalfApron: new item added, you can find it on Travesty drop.
  • Travesty: added new drop.

UPDATE 9 - 30 January 2019

  • Gargoyle: decreased axe, pickaxe, knife drop rate from 20% to 18%.
  • Gargoyle Destroyer: decreased axe, pickaxe, knife drop rate from 20% to 18%.
  • Gargoyle Enforcer: decreased axe, pickaxe, knife drop rate from 20% to 18%.
  • Captcha: when actions are repeated for more than 60 minutes, you will need to prove that you are at the PC via a gump.
  • Dryad Allure Spell: eliminated the possibility of training creatures with this spell.
  • Magical Trasmog Pillar: change the design of your armor for an exclusive look.
  • Base Item: all wearable items will have the name with a custom color based on their properties.
  • Death Announce: when you get killed by a player, all the world will know who the outlaw is.
  • Extinction Coin: appearance and properties have been changed.
  • Game Dollar: new currency for events & games added.
  • Extinction Dollar: fixed a issue in graphics and functionality.
  • Tamer Dollar: fixed a issue in graphics and functionality.
  • Vote Coin: change name and graphics.
  • Champions Drop: added PS tailoring and fishing.
  • Per Wars Deed: new object to prepare the pet for the battle of the Pet Wars event.
  • Discordance: fixed the issue that did not remove the resistances.
  • Pet Level Gump: if the pet it's under the effect of discordance it's not possible to add skill points.
  • World Safe: increased the time from 30 minutes to 1 hour.
  • Automatic Quest: added new 18 quests.
  • Imbuing: disabled skill, incompatible with weapon levels.
  • Split Gold: added system for automatic division of gold if in party.
  • Treasure Map Chest: new drop system and items.

UPDATE 10 - 22 February 2019

  • Treasure Map Chest: fixed a issue and change drop rate.
  • Auto Restart: enabled the system to make the operation of the server smoother. The restart will take place every 2 days at 6:00 AM.
  • Raffle Stone: new system added
  • Base Runic AOS: fixed hit area on ranged weapons.
  • Base Runic AOS: change base weapon damage bonus.
  • Save Gump: fixed gump duration.
  • New server broadcast system
  • Monster Contract Dealer: added new system monster contract, kill monster to earn gold.
  • Scorpion: no longer poisonable.
  • Giant spider: increases poison resistance from normal to deadly.
  • Sentinel spider: increases poison resistance from 75% to 100%.
  • Newbie donation: added system for newbie players, usable with command [donation and selecting the object, the chest is located at the britain bank.
  • Paragon: eliminate weapons from the paragon scroll.
  • TMap Liv 6: added paragon artifact dropped at 100%.
  • TMap Liv 5: added paragon artifact dropped at 50%.
  • Ores: increased minerals collected in trammel and felucca by 100%
  • Crafting: added new gem craft system to create augments.
  • Vendor: added gemcraft and keys shop located in britain city.
  • Untamed Pets Cleaning: set at 48h.
  • Command: added [keyguard, usable on all objects to avoid inserting into the keys.
  • Restart: auto-restart disabled.
  • Locations: added the Casinò Royal with slots and card games.
  • Dungeon: added new dungeon with new boss.
  • Maps: graphic modification of some Britain buildings.
  • Static: 962.000 tiles have been eliminated from the world and placed static.

UPDATE 11 - 6 March 2019

  • Reagent Key: added druid reagent and dragon blood
  • Tool Key: added gargoyles tools (axe, pickaxe and knife)
  • Tailor Key: added new custom leather
  • AntiAFK: system rework with new code and new functions
  • Newbie Coin: weight set from 1 to 0
  • Level Player System: added new system for player leveling, now all player earn exp by killing monster and craft item, max level reachable is 50. (BETA TEST)
  • Archeology: added new system to search ancient artifact. (BETA TEST)
  • Advanced Sprinkler Plant: added new system to simplify plant harvest (BETA TEST)

UPDATE 12 - 16 March 2019

  • Sevage Bunny: green carrot drop rate incraese by 50%
  • Mining: minerals drop rate incraese by 100%
  • Mining: custom minerals drop rate incraese by 20%
  • Minerals Elemental: spawn probability incraese by 50%
  • Migi Elemental: magi ore drop rate has been changed from 55% to 70%
  • Migi Dragon: magi scroll drop rate has been changed from 55% to 70%
  • Bag Of Strength: fixed weight bug, now the weight of the objects decreases correctly
  • Kraken: MiB drop rate has been changed from 10% to 5%
  • Deep Sea Serpent: MiB drop rate has been changed from 10% to 0%
  • TMapDecoder: uses has been changed from 10 to (Everlasting)
  • Treasure Maps: the new map system has been enabled which provides random coordinates for each map, the Tchest can be found on all facets.
  • Quest City: added moongate
  • Treasure Map Chest: update reward drop rate

UPDATE 12 - 23 March 2019

  • Animal Trainer: fixed vendor restock
  • Mount: added 5 new custom mounts
  • Spawn: update mounts spawn with new 20 types
  • Treasure Map: fix a issue
  • Command: [CorpseSearch to find your corpse easy
  • Powerscroll Dealer: added new NPC to trade PS
  • Artifact Dealer: added new NPC to trade artifacts