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Where are located the Treasure Chests?

Depends on the T-maps (treasure maps). Each map is connected to a treasure chest placed on a different facet (Felucca, Trammel, Ilshenar, Malas, Tokuno, Ter-Mur).

The new map system has been enabled (updated the 03/16/2019) which provides random coordinates for each map, the treasure chests can be found on all facets.

7 Different Types Of Treasure Maps

Any type of monster have a chance to drop a peculiar type of treasure map.

There are 7 different levels of treasure maps. Each one of them have a different difficulty level and prizes.

Read on to find out what kind of treasures you can find inside the treasure chests.

T-Map Level Type DROP Chance Treasures
1 Plainly Drawn 15% Magic Cloth Deed / Weapon Level Scroll +1
2 Expertly Drawn 20% Magic Cloth Deed / Weapon Level Scroll +1
3 Adeptly Drawn 25% Magic Cloth Deed / Weapon Level Scroll +1
2% 1 Socket Scroll
4 Cleverly Drawn 30% Magic Cloth Deed / Weapon Level Scroll +1
4% 1 Socket Scroll
5 Deviously Drawn 40% Pet level deed / 1 EXD / Weapon Level Scroll +2 or +4
6% 1 Socket Scroll
6 Ingeniously Drawn 100% Pet Level Deed / 2 Extinction Dollar / Luck Deed +10
10% 1 Socket Scroll
7 Diabolically Drawn 100% Pet Level Deed / Weapon Level Scroll +5 / Luck Deed +25
35% 5 Extinction Dollar
25% Magic Cloth Deed
14% 1 Socket Scroll

If you don't know how to search a treasure chest click here

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