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Custom Spells

In addition to the standard Magic Spellbook, Necro Spellbook, Bushido Spellbook, Mysticism Spellbook and Ninjitsu Spellbook, we have added several custom spellbooks to the game. You can obtain the Cleric book, the Druid book buying it can be purchased by donation or from the monthly auction, and the Spellweaving book from a 2 part quest, the Book of Bard Masteries doing and completing a quest.

Druid spells

Druid spells apply to the Animal Lore and Animal Taming skills. You must have the druid spellbook (Tome of Nature)and the proper druid reagents to cast these powerful spells.

The Druid Spell Book is one of the most powerful forces in the game. It is intended to be fairly rare and hard to obtain. You can only get this spellbook by purchasing from other players or by Donations

  • Leaf whirlwind - Similar to the Mark spell.
  • Hollow Reed - Similar to the Bless spell.
  • Pack of Beasts - Summons animals; the number of which depends on your skill.
  • Spring of Life - Restores a small amount of health, but takes time to be cast again.
  • Grasping Roots - Casts roots that paralyze your opponent.
  • Blend with Forest - Summons a tree to the target behind which you can hide.
  • Swarm of Insects - Summons insects that sting your opponent.
  • Volcanic Eruption - Fire comes from underneath the ground and damages all opponents in sight.
  • Summon Familiar - Summons a creature to help you in battle.
  • Stone Circle - Creates a circular wall around the opponent, disabling him from moving out of that small area, unless unless the opponent is able to teleport.
  • Enchanted Grove - Grows a circle of trees which heals and restores mana to you and your friends, but not pets.
  • Lure Stone - Lures all enemies and creatures in the area to a stone. Enemies will be more interested in the stone than attacking you.
  • Nature's Passage - Similar to the Recall spell.
  • Mushroom Gateaway - Similar to the Gate Travel spell, but with alot more stylish look.
  • Restorative Soil - Creates a special soil that resurrects anyone who walks across.
  • Shield of Earth - Summons a wild hedge to grow out of the ground, preventing your opponents from reaching you.

Cleric spells

Cleric spells are based on your Spirit Speak skill, they do not use reagents, but tithed gold. The Touch of Life spell is the most powerful healing spell in the game. It even allows you to heal poisoned targets.

  • Angelic Faith - The caster calls upon the divine powers of the heavens to transform himself into a holy angel. The caster gains better regeneration rates and increased stats and skills.
  • Banish Evil - The caster calls forth a divine fire to banish his undead or demonic foe from the earth.
  • Dampen Spirit - The caster's enemy is slowly drained of his stamina, greatly hindering their ability to fight in combat or flee.
  • Divine Focus - The caster's mind focuses on his divine faith increasing the effect of his prayers. However, the caster becomes mentally fatigued much faster.
  • Hammer of Faith - Summons forth a divine hammer of pure energy blessed with the ability to vanquish undead foes with greater efficiency.
  • Purge - The target is cured of all poisons and has all negative stat curses removed.
  • Restoration - The caster's target is resurrected and fully healed and refreshed.
  • Sacred Boon - The caster's target is surrounded by a divine wind that heals small amounts of lost life over time.
  • Sacrifice - The caster sacrifices himself for his allies. Whenever damaged, all party members are healed a small percent of the damage dealt. The caster still takes damage.
  • Smite - The caster calls to the heavens to send a deadly bolt of lightning to strike down his opponent.
  • Touch of Life - The caster's target is healed by the heavens for a significant amount.
  • Trial by Fire - The caster is surrounded by a divine flame that damages the caster's enemy when hit by a weapon.

Book of Bard Masteries

Book of Bard Masteries is a spellbook that contains Bard Masteries. It is blessed and need not be insured. It can be obtained by completing The Beacon of Harmony for using Peacemaking abilities, Indoctrination of a Battle Rouser for using Provocation abilities or Wielding the Sonic Blade for using Discordance abilities. The abilities cannot be used unless the specific quest is completed.

The tooltip (mouse over) indicates the selected Bard Mastery (and in case of Discord Mastery the selected damage type). In case the tooltip isnt yet actualized intone one of the songs in the book once. Bard Masteries can be switch through context menue of the book (cool down of 10 minutes). Once Discord Mastery is selected, damage type selection for Despair is shown too (no cool down on switching between those, but only when Despair is not active). Song Icons can be drag out of the book to the UI, like spell icons out of other Spellbooks.