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What is a paragon monster?

A Paragon monster is a bright-gold colored monster with the tag '(Paragon) at the end of its name. The stats and skill of such a monster are signifiantly enhanced, which leads to an overall higher difficulty. For example it delivers higher damages, has better resistances, and some other features. Killing a paragon monster can yeld profittable rewards, like paragon chests, or parchments.

Where can Paragons be found?

Every monster in Trammel, Felucca, Ilshenar, or Tokuno facet, has the chance to randomly spawn as Paragon, instead of the normal version of the creature, so there is virtually no limitation to which enemy can be a Paragon. Bosses, and Peerlesses are excluded.

Paragon Treasures

Among the treasures that a Paragon monster can give, the most important are, for sure, the Paragon chests, and the Paragon Parchments Paragon Parchments have many colours, and different rewards associated to it:

  • Mythic Paragon Scrolls (Red scrolls): Arguably the most valuable, if opened, they might give magical cloth deeds, pet levelling deeds, luck deeds, weapon levelling deeds, and much more locked inside.

Mythic Paragon Scroll UO Extinction 001.fw.png

  • Ancient Paragon Scrolls (Green scrolls): These items yield a piece of powerful artifact jewelry, be it ring, bracelet, or earrings.

Ancient Paragon Scroll UO Extinction 001.fw.png

  • Legendary Paragon Scrolls (Brown scrolls): Contain a custom artifact shield or a weapon.

Legendary Paragon Scrolls UO Extinction 001.fw.png

  • Ancient Paragon Scrolls (Yellow scrolls): they contain a random piece of a powerfull armour, whose properties can be mind blowing.

Ancient Paragon Scrolls UO Extinction 001.fw.png

Paragon Treasures Chests

Those chests can be found inside the body of a slain Paragon monster. Those treasures are locked, so they have to be opened through the use of the skill "lockpicking" skill, and generally contain a treasure map (from plainly to ingeniously drawn), a luck deed, a weapon levelling deed, or a pet levelling deed (in rare cases more than a reward might be awarded from a single chest). The hue of the box is randomly chosen, when they are generated as loot, and some of those colours are referred to be "semi-rare" (dark black or bright white). Among the locations where paragons can be farmed, we suggest the Bedlam dungeon, in Malas, Umbra.

How to enter Bedlam?

In order to access this location, it's first required to accept the chain quest 'Mistaken Identity', from Aernia mistress of admissions, located near the entrance of Bedlam. By progressing the chain mission, the quest 'Not Quite That Easy' will appear, and lead you to Master Gnosos the necromancer, which is found inside such dungeon, and therefore, it will be made accessible.