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Custom Fishing

Sailing and Fishing Treasure


You can find a Message In A Bottle (MIB)by raising your Fishing skill to 80 or above, sailing out into deep water and fishing up Sea Serpents. Each time you get a serpent you will have a chance to get a Message in a Bottle, Special Fishing Net, or a Treasure Map. You will need to kill the serpent and loot the item from its corpse. A More effective way to obtain a Message in a Bottle is to collect Special Fishing Nets and throw them into deep water near your boat by double clicking the net and targeting the water. Each net has a chance to pull up 1 or more Krakens which always has another net on their corpse and a higher chance for a MIB drop. You can also get a Message in a Bottle by doing Treasure Maps, Gold Panning, and receiving them as a reward from an aquarium you own.

Ancient SOS

After obtaining a Message in a Bottle, double click it to reveal a Waterstained SOS or, on a 1 in 25 chance, an Ancient SOS, which will appear in your pack. Double click the SOS and you will see coordinates to a location in the ocean. In order to find the location you will need to have UO Automap opened or a sextant. Once you have your destination marked, sail to the location and start fishing within 10 tiles of the coordinates. You can fish up the chest with 0 Fishing, but it will take longer. It is recommended to have 65 Fishing or higher. While attempting to bring up the chest, you may on occasion bring up other bits of random items with the special tag Recovered from a Shipwreck. The Ancient SOS's will lead to a chest that contains the same loot as a Waterstained SOS chest, plus a Fabled Fishing Net.

Fabled Fishing Net

The special/fabled fishing net now has a chance to summon Osiredon, the Scalis Enforcer or a Leviathan. Upon being killed Osiredon will have a chance to drop special artifacts into your backpack. Osiredon is a formidable creature from the depths who has a chance to drop multiple (15+) OSI based artifacts that have been tweaked to Evolution standards.

Fishing Artifacts

An updated list of the custom fishing rares is coming soon!

This system has been expanded to include the weight, date and time stamp to do fishing tournaments!

We have now added additional rewards and rares to the fishing system