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Custom dungeons of UO Extinction

Here we are going to show you some of the custom active dungeons of UO Extinction.

New player Dungeon

You can arrive here from all the moongates of the shard. Search for New Player and Newbie Dungeon and GO!

This custom dungeon is meant to be used by new players that are learning the basic game mechanics of fighting, killing, movement, etc. There are a lot of zombies here that can be easily killed from new players.

Killing these zombies you will find newbie coins that can be used to buy pieces of the zombie armor at the stone placed at the beginning of this dungeon.

This armor is the best one for the new players.

New Player zombie armor gear newbie coins uo extinction 001.fw.png

Egyptian Temple

A custom dungeon full of egyptian soldiers, priests, archers and much more. Anubis, is the semi-god boss of the dungeon. He could drop pieces of a strong armor gear.

This dungeon is really hard so we suggest you to come here when you are really well equipped or with a group of many good players.

Egyptian temple dungeon uo extinction 001.fw.png

Doom custom dungeon

We will give you soon more information about this new custom dungeon. Our staff is working on it.

Doom malas custom area dungeon uo extinction 002.fw.png