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Custom Artifacts

This section will be constantly updated. Custom artifacts in UO Extinction are divided in three main categories: epic, rares, normal.

All three types of artifacts can be obtained playing the game (quests or special events and monsters) or with donations. The different rarity of artifacts is related to the difficulty of obtaining them (complex quests, very strong monsters & champion spawns) and obviously their intrinsic power.

Normal custom artifacts

  • Necronomicon - the famous book of the dead will be available in game. You will have the following abilities: necromancy 10, spirit speak 10, lower mana cost 10, Mana regen 3, FC 1, Blessed. In addition, all magic books can be used to mark spells in it. I warn you that using this book for carry out criminal acts or using evil spells will expect a bigger karma loss than the normal.
  • Pride of the Craftsman - Hat of undoubted utility for all the Sosaria crafter. Will come out with Tinkering, Blacksmith, Cooking and Tailoring all four abilities with a power ranging randomly from 1 to 5. To complete the skill set the hat is also equipped with luck with random power from 1 to 100.
  • Robes of the Dawn - Robe of great utility for all wizards and sorcerers. It is equipped with the following abilities: magery 5, eval int 5 and spell damage 10.
  • Staff of the Dawn - Staff of the magician's kit. It is equipped with the following skills: magery 10, FC -1, Hit fireball 25, Mage weapon -10 skill, Spell Channelling, Blessed.
  • Durlindana - Mythical sword made famous by the poems of chivalry. It is equipped with the following skills: Use best weapon skill, damage increase 50, mana leech 50, Hit harm 40, spell channeling, luck 100, Daemon slayer.
  • Fail-not - Ancient bow built by the great elven artisans. It comes out with the following abilities: archery 10, Attack chance 25, Hit Fireball 50, Increase damage 40, swing speed 20. The damage it inflicts is 100% cold.
  • Hephaestus Tangle - mythical tangle belonged to Hephaestus, the blacksmith of the gods. It comes out with the following abilities: Blacksmith x 2 random from 1 to 5 (If you are lucky you will get a +10 blacksmith), nightsight and casual luck from 1 to 100.
  • Robes of the Maelstorm - Robe of the necromancer's kit. It comes out with the following abilities: Necro and spirit speak +5, Spell damage 10.
  • Shroud Of Daemons - it's a Death Shroud with totally random abilities, potentially very very interesting, if you're lucky. It comes with: 2 totally random character abilities ranging from 1 to 10. Bonus strength, agility and intelligence ranging from -1 (yes, can be negative) to 10.
  • Svalinn - Svalinn is an extremely powerful shield, son of the Nordic legends. It comes out with the following abilities: random parry 1 to 10, self repair 3, reflect phisical damage 20, defense chance 10, hit chance 10, spell channelling, lower mana cost 5 and random luck from 10 to 100.

What are the monsters that can drop these objects? The answer is simple: all the champions of Sosaria, with varying percentages based on the difficulty of the champion itself. The more difficult is the challenge, the more likely it will be to get them. Luck obviusly affect the probability of dropping it.