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Champion Spawns

The concept of a champion spawn is to kill hoards of monsters and to summon the champion. As monsters are killed the spawn will level up to more powerful foes, and eventually the champ will appear.

The Champion Spawns are marked with a stone platform and a red pentagram symbol in the center.

The champ spawns drop powerscrolls from 105-120 skill cap increase. You must collect these to increase your skills past 100.

There is a total of 24 different traditional locations where you might find a Champion Spawn. 4 in Ilshenar, 5 in the Dungeons of Felucca, 12 in the Lost Lands of Felucca, 2 in Malas dungeons, and 1 on the Tokuno Islands. The Champion Spawns are all on random timers and can be active at anytime.

You can use Extinction Coins to trigger any champ at anytime, click on the champ skull idol, the cost is 50 coins to activate. We run daily champion spawn events at noon and 7pm for everyone to participate

Please read the Rules and etiquette regarding Champion Spawns.

Classic Spawns

Abyss Spawn

  • Level 1 - Imps and Greater Mongbats
  • Level 2 - Gargoyles and Harpies
  • Level 3 - Fire Gargoyles and Stone Gargoyles
  • Level 4 - Daemons and Succubi

Champion - Semidar

Arachnid Spawn

  • Level 1 - Scorpions and Giant Spiders
  • Level 2 - Terathan Drones and Terathan Warriors
  • Level 3 - Dread Spiders and Terathan Matriarchs
  • Level 4 - Poison Elementals and Terathan Avengers

Champion - Mephitis

Cold Blood Spawn

  • Level 1 - Lizardmen and Snakes
  • Level 2 - Lava Lizards, Ophidian Warriors, and Ophidian Enforcers
  • Level 3 - Drakes, Ophidian Justicars, and Ophidian Zealots
  • Level 4 - Dragons, Ophidian Avengers, and Ophidian Knight-Errants

Champion - Rikktor

Forest Lord Spawn

  • Level 1 - Pixies and Shadow Wisps
  • Level 2 - Ki-Rins and Wisps
  • Level 3 - Centaurs and Unicorns
  • Level 4 - Ethereal Warriors and Serpentine Dragons

Champion - Lord Oaks and Silvani

Unholy Terror Spawn

  • Level 1 - Ghouls, Shades, Spectres, and Wraiths
  • Level 2 - Bone Magi, Mummies, and Skeletal Mages
  • Level 3 - Bone Knights, Skeletal Knights, and Liches
  • Level 4 - Lich Lords, and Rotting Corpses

Champion - Neira the Necromancer

Vermin Horde Spawn

  • Level 1 - Giant Rats and Slimes
  • Level 2 - Dire Wolves and Ratmen
  • Level 3 - Hell Hounds and Ratman Mages
  • Level 4 - Ratman Archers and Silver Serpents

Champion - Barracoon the Piper


These Original Felucca facet champions drop special colored skulls which allow you to summon The Harrower super boss, which drops the rare max stat increase scrolls.

The Harrower is one of the most evil creatures to appear in the land of Sosaria. His strength was so great that he can strike down an unprepared adventures in a single blow! Only by defeating the 6 champion Spawns and obtaining their special skulls can he be summoned.

Defeating the Harrower grants stat scrolls, which increase the maximum total stats a character can gain. The highest-level stat scrolls are +50s, and the lowest are +5s.

We have also added some custom content, loot and quest to the Harrower Boss Encounter. One of the most sought after artifacts is the Crown of Champions and can be a rare find on the Harrower's corpse.

Stygian Abyss Spawns

Primeval Lich Spawn

Stage 1 - Gore Fiends and Vampire Bats Stage 2 - Flesh Golems and Dark Wisps Stage 3 - Undead Gargoyles and Wights Stage 4 - Skeletal Drakes and Dream Wraiths Champion - Primeval Lich

Malas Spawns

Pestilence Spawn (unofficial name) - Under the cemetery in Bedlam dungeon.

  • Random stages and champions.

The boss will not drop powerscrolls but will drop any peculiar items, weapons or armors and one of the skulls that you need to arrive to the Harrower.

Custom Champion Spawns

In addition the traditional Champs, we will add many Custom Champ locations and here you will be able to know anyone of them.