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Bulk Order Deeds

In order to get a BOD, you must have at least 0.1 in the required skill. To receive one, find the proper NPC, click on them once, and then select Bulk Order Deed. If you can receive a BOD, a gump will appear detailing what the NPC wants you to make, how many of the desired item, and any special requirements. You can either decline or accept the order. If it is not time for you to receive a BOD, the NPC will tell you so with the remaining time in minutes. You may only request a Bulk Order every 6 hours or can turn one in to reset the timer and get another immediately.

Types of BODs

Blacksmith BODs
Tailor BODs

Bulk BOD Book

You can use a Bulk BOD Book to store every type of BOD in one book. Another great feature is the ability to search through your BODs through an easy-to-use interface.

What I receive if I complete a bod?

You will receive a sum of [crafter dollars].

What can I buy with crafter dollars?

You can buy powerscrolls of blacksmithy or tailoring 120, powder of fortifying and many other items used by crafters.